Beyond the Paint

March 5, 2014

As a girl who has had a life long passion for the arts, graffiti has always intrigued me. To use a can of spray paint on outdoor spaces in a way to express oneself seems dangerous and thrilling. Now when we think of graffiti some may think: “how can you consider that art?” Well, of course, there is a large variety of graffiti art, but one that is near and dear to my heart is the outdoor mural. When I was in sixth grade, our school was undergoing construction and with the new wing added, the principal allowed for students to share in the experience of creating a new school which felt like home.

As a class, we were charged with designing a mural, which was going to be at the outdoor entrance of the new building. An artist was hired to help us organize our thoughts and put our ideas to the fresh canvas– or in this instance brick and mortar. Recently, during my visit to the Philadelphia Fine Arts Museum, I rediscovered my passion for graffiti and murals. The city of Philadelphia has a host of gorgeous murals in various parts of the city. These public displays have helped to transform the urban landscape with works of art on each corner.

If you are in the area check out the new exhibit and immerse yourself in this amazing art form.

If you are in the area check out this fabulous urban exhibit at the Philadelphia Fine Arts Museum

To find out more about  Murals and Graffiti art in Philadelphia IMG_3375

Mural Art

Mural Art



Mural Art

Mural Art

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March 3, 2014

Most of us have succumbed to the technology disease, and the only remedy is a strong wi-fi signal. Seemingly overnight the technology craze has spread across the country and most of us are in an intense and passionate relationship with our smart phones, tablets and portable computers. We need constant attachment to our pictures, contacts and emails, and we are devastated when this access is denied. With all that said, carrying around these devices a person needs to remain chic and trendy. It’s not enough to just carry around the latest iPhone. It’s about being the most connected by taking high-resolution photos and uploading them to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I am always looking for a cool case or a fun way to show off my technology. It’s like my own secret fashion show when looking at the endless assortment  accessories for these device. There is nothing worse then seeing a gorgeous iPhone put in a case that does not hold up,  or even worse, makes the gorgeous device look ridiculous. It is not just about protecting your device; it’ s about showing everyone up and saying, “I carry my world in this case”. I have found a couple fabulous items that incorporate everything we love about being feminine technology fashion enthusiasts.

Pixelated Purse

Pixelated Purse 

Swimmer Speaker

Swimming Speaker

Lint Free Duster

Keep it Clean-Lint Free Duster

Pretty Pink Decals

Pretty Pink Sugar Skull Decal 

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The Season is upon us

February 19, 2014

The count down to spring has started for the east coast. It has been one of the snowiest winters in history, and we’re all ready for the daffodils to start popping out of the ground. With what I hope to be the last storm behind us, I look back at the current season and remember all of the beautiful moments. Although this dark time of year can certainly bring the blues, it can also provide for fantastic photos that are nice to look at in July when we are having a heatwave.

Snow Dog

Snow Dog

Screenshot 2014-02-18 22.00.11

Evergreen with frosting

Screenshot 2014-02-18 21.58.41

Winter Dusk

Side of the road Trees

Side of the Road Snowfall

Screenshot 2014-02-18 22.02.54

Orange Snow Ball


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The City I always knew

February 17, 2014

I grew up in Philadelphia. As a kid, I always felt I knew everything about this place–what train to take into center city, and where to eat when we got there. It always felt so thrilling to be in the city; especially, since I was a teenager growing up in the quiet suburbs. Now that I am an adult, an adult that has lived out of the area for a while, revisiting my favorite places gives me a new appreciation for what I always knew was there.

In fifth grade, my class visited the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. The one thing that I always remembered was how majestic the building was and how it felt like a castle with over-sized paintings and marble staircases. I also remember the security guard telling me to keep my hoodie on. In my mind, he was afraid I was going to try and cover a painting with it and run away. What an imagination. This weekend I had the opportunity to visit this wonderful, yet, tucked away museum and explore all it had to offer.


Stain glass

Stain Glass Windows Textured Walls

Textured Walls

Grand Entrance

The Grand Entrance

The Tiled Floor

Tiled Floors

Lightening The Light Post

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The Heart of the Matter

February 14, 2014

Typically, I am not a lover of all things Valentines. I love flowers, of course, and those little candy hearts with cute sayings, but generally it’s not a day that I countdown too . With the wicked weather we’ve experienced these past few weeks on the east coast, I thought why not turn over a new leaf. Perhaps it’s the cabin fever that brought on this change in spirit, but I began to sketch and design heart items. With that said, I decided why not share these items with the world; expressing yourself is the point of February 14th after all. Valentines day is a day to share our happiness with others and to eat sugary sweets, while feeling no guilt, because such a holiday only comes but once a year.


heart splatterheart splatter

feather heart

Feather Heart


beating heart

Pieces of my heart

heart splatterheart splatter

Splatter of a Heart



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End of the Summer

August 21, 2013

Hello all,
I have decided with the change of the season I will resume my post on Letters To Betsy. I have to say that so much has happened since my last post and I can’t wait to share it all with you! My plan is to begin a new with a sense of invigoration, similar to who you have not spoken to in awhile. Once you have a moment to catch up it is as if nothing has changed and you pick up where you left off.

With that said I’m ready to move into my favorite season of fall and close out the summer. This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Boston one of my favorite cities and take in a Red Sox game. You certainly can’t beat that on a Saturday afternoon.

I look forward to hearing from all of you as I reacquaint myself with everyone again.






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Monogram it

June 20, 2012

There is something very personal about having your name and/or initials on an item. In my life the only times we outwardly seek this type of lettering is when we are born or when we are married and want to celebrate our new last name. Why not celebrate who we are and our unique initials any day of the year. It is personal touch that certainly will let everyone know that pillow is mine!

My Pillow 

Come and Knock on my door

Name my plate 

Seersucker Clutch

Stamps on my flower pots

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Hello Monday!

June 19, 2012

The last few weeks have been quite busy for me.  I have really made a strong effort to capture each moment from heading out of town to graduations to just my normal life,  What was the result of all this traveling? I now have at least 1000 new pictures in my iphoto library. I am hoping to keep this tradition up by having a random set of week pictures for you every Monday. Monday can really be hit or miss, either a really boring day or just working for the weekend. Let me know what you think and if you have some great week beginning pictures.




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There is something about a fountain

June 18, 2012

There is something about a fountain. It draws our attention and makes us want to jump in for a quick dip. However, in most cases,  we throw spare change in and make a wish. Fountains create a serene aesthetic that can relax us. The cool thing to me is the unique design of the fountain and the pool surrounding it. That alone can bring one to a peaceful moment where all is well with the world.

Floating Sculpture

Don’t Jump


This guy is awesome

I dream of pineapples

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Choosing Text

June 14, 2012

One of my favorite things to look at while traveling around town is type. I find street signs, menus and even logos on the side of vans to be interesting. How did they come up with that font choice or the color choice? Some are very simple but effective, and others go all out to dazzle and grab attention. I do get comfort in seeing the patterns and unique quality to them.

Irish Green

Shirts for Sale

Going Vertical

No Skateboarding


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